Why AMP technology could boost your digital strategy success (2020)

Rodrigo Andrade
February 20, 2020

Nowadays, marketers must develop fast websites across all industry sectors. Indeed, if there is too much friction in customer navigation experiences, they will probably move on and abandon the site.

One of the most important friction is page speed. 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that load in more than three seconds, according to Think With Google. Also, if we consider five-second loading, the bounce rate increase to 90%.

Think with Google
Source: Think with Google


But not everything is lost. In October 2015, a new technology arose to help millions of people who were looking at how to improve their websites in terms of velocity and other features. AMP (AccelerateMobile Pages) is this new technology that is changing the website development rules and beliefs in terms of speed load.

This article is for people who are willing to know more about AMP technology and its benefits. Besides, it is an excellent source of understanding why this technology is relevant to optimize their digital business performance by using it.

Let’s go through it!


What is Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP is HTML copies of existing website content that provide incredible faster load times of any website, faster than standard HTML5 document. Websites can implement AMP pages by creating specific tags into their HTML, and its benefit is that AMP reduces the need of additional CSS requirements and delete some waste of code. Overall, the effect is an incredible increase in website speed.

Usually, when a website is working with AMP technology, its load time speed is as much a second. The reason? Google leverage preloads AMP documents using a single iFrame in the background of a search result page, so the website appears to load almost instantaneously.

Create your AMP page is very easy and reduces developer effort and overhead. You can convert your entire website archives in some hours if you use CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal, or Magento. On this page, you will find some guides and tutorials to build AMP experiences.


Google and Facebook prioritize lowest pages load times

Google’s search engine is a sophisticated algorithm that many people would be wishing to better understand. But one real fact is that Google ranks better if you have an excellent page load time.

Median Time to First Byte
Source: Moz


Facebook has announced that it will prioritize links that load quickly inits newsfeed because they want to enhance the customer experience within the platform, even if those links go directly to other websites outside Facebook.Internet and mobile users don’t want to wait for a site to load for too long, so if that happens, they are willing to change their navigations habits, and that idea makes tremble to Facebook.

Thinking in the case of these two big companies is clear that a solution for enhancing your website load times should be a good idea if you use social media sources like Facebook or other digital sources like SEM and SEO strategy in Google. Here, AMP technology is ready to help you.


E-commerce, 4G and 5G connections

A great variety of studies of e-commerce across the Web, including Amazon, have realized that faster page load times can lead to a significant increase in revenue. For instance, e-commerce beauty site Adore Beauty found that its faster load time pages resulted in a 16,5% increase in conversion rate.

It is not mysterious that speed mobile connections are now faster than ever. 4G connections and the next 5G technology surely will increase the frustration of not being able to navigate a mobile website quickly and without slow loads. Therefore, AMP will be critical for those marketers who need to maximize their website performance because their sales depend on mobile e-commerce.


Pages Views, Bounce Rate and Revenues

Last but not least, it is important to mention that page speed impacts both the bounce rate and the number of pages viewed. These two metrics are valuable because they impact directly on the revenue.

First, more pages viewed convey more probabilities that a customer will add an item into the shopping cart. Therefore, if you make a better load time experience in your site, you can enhance the number of page views in an average session, and you should increase your profits. 

Second, as slowest is your website load time, as highest will be your bounce rate. The bounce metric is the percentage of visitors who come to your website or landing page and leave without doing a specific action or visiting more internal pages. Again, if you could diminish the bounce rate by improving web velocity, you should increase your conversion rate and your digital sales.

Page Spedd
Source: Section.io

 As the infographic shows, the bounce rate increases as page speed goes up. These numbers are dramatically poor if the page load time is over five seconds, so this data clearly demonstrates that having an AMP solution on your website could be one of the most important digital marketing decisions in your business strategy.



AMP helps marketers, web designers, and developers to upgrade their page load times and so improve their core business metrics: bounce rate, page views, conversions rates, and online purchases.

Currently, Facebook and Google are transforming their user experience using AMP technology, and numerous publishers are using AMP technology as their entire websites, like TheTimes of India and Slate.  


So, what are you waiting for moving on? 

Do you think AMP technology could leverage your digital metrics?

If you want more help, please leave me a comment or send me an email!

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