5 Incredible Reasons why Voice Assistance will be One of the Most Important Technologies (2020)

Rodrigo Andrade
March 13, 2020

Today I am going to explain the reasons why VoiceAssistance is one of the hottest technologies for this 2020, and even for the next five years.

In fact, eMarketer published that in 2020, 111.8 million people in the US will use a voice assistant, which represents 33.8% of the entire population.

This article is perfect for the understanding of the general features of Voice Assistance and why all marketers are looking for using this technology.

Let’s dive into it!

US Voice Assistant Users penetration
Source: eMarketer

Contextual Conversations

Until now, users have to repeat “wake” words for using assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. For instance, one person could ask Alexa about the temperature of an area within a house, by saying“Alexa, what is the temperature of the kitchen?”. 

Then, it is necessary to repeat the word “Alexa” for setting the thermostat temperature at a certain level. This is the most effective way that devices understand that the order was for them and not for another person. 

This situation occurs since consumers can either be alone or with a group of people when they interact with this type of device.Think about a house party, with some people talking to each other.

Now, assistants can understand and decipher contextual factors to make a better user experience. Customers can start an interaction with the “wake” word and then still having a conversation with the assistant without using that unnecessary word again. This technology will improve the interaction between user and device, keeping it more efficient and natural.

Search behavior

Tech companies and brands are experiencing shifts in the way people are searching. Touch points are transforming to listening points, and organic voice search is growing faster in terms of popularity. 

In fact, ComScore revealed that 50% of all smartphone search will be via voice technology this 2020.

As voice search continues growing, marketers expect that Google and Amazon could create additional formats of paid media messages; meanwhile, the industry could reach $19 billion by 2022 as Juniper Research

Voice Assistant
Source: Unsplash

Individualized experiences

User experience among voice assistants will continue improving as they enhance user differentiation. 

Currently, Google Home supports six user accounts, and it detects unique voices for allowing customize features for each of the users. This is essential for families or a large group of members who simultaneously use voice assistants at some shared location.

For example, users can ask, “tell me about my calendar today,” and the assistant will show the weather, commute times, the news, and specific information for individual users.

This technology is great for many third-party applications that can use this technology to leverage user experience. Companies likeNetflix, Spotify, or WhatsApp could take advantage of these new possibilities.

Voice Push Notifications

Push notifications are useful for reminding users of relevant messages from apps. These types of messages have usually displayed as text alerts in smartphones display but now could be complement by spoken notifications.

With new voice assistant technology, applications will increase user engagement by delivering spoken push notifications, so the customer can hear them instead of reading them.

Both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa have the compatibility to enable spoken notification from any third-party app. This technology will improve especially in-house and in-car user experience, whose are the primary setting for voice usage, according to KPCB 2016 Internet Trends.

Top Reason to Use Voice Assistant
Source: KPCB


AI & Machine learning improvements

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are improving by leaps and bounds in the last years. 

Google’s RankBrain (https://moz.com/learn/seo/google-rankbrain) is an excellent example of AI usage. Since it was designed to recognize words to learn and predict outcomes, it has become a relevant technology for organic search.

In the case of voice assistants, there are many features in what AI and Machine Learning increase the usages of this technology. For instance, Amazon offers Transcribe, an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that adds speech-to-text capability in some applications.

Another case is Google’s speech-recognition products, in which developers are enabled to convert audio to text through deep learning algorithms.

HAL 9000 2001 Space Odyssey
Source: Unsplash

Since the appearances of the unforgettable robot HAL 9000 in “2001 Space Odyssey” (directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1969), the idea of voice assistance has been in the mind of science and tech people. But now this technology is not exclusively thinking for science purposes. Instead, the real potential is using it by ordinary people, so there is a huge market to serve in the future.

The development of voice assistance technology in well-known applications such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and its integrations, has enhanced this progress, and its promise to keep on growing. 

Now, I would like to know opinions about this technology.

Do you think some industries will change dramatically because of this irruption? 

Think about the car industry. Are you considering buying your next car within this technology, or you find it is not relevant for you?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below now, and we can discuss this topic.

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